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Win Hong Trading Sdn Bhd is engaged in wholesale and retail the new and used commercial vehicles trucks and spare parts. It is also involved in the transportation and courier services and related services such as renting and operational of trucks, utility trailer and recreational vehicle.


Win Hong Trading Sdn Bhd is committed to be providing the highest quality of services in our region.
• We are dedicated to delivering innovative and competitive solutions to our customer needs.
• Our Commitment is governed by the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour.


• Our strategic objective is to develop long term trusting and useful relationships with our clients.
• We always act in the long-term interest of the client. If we are in business for long term, ultimately everybody win. We are long-term thinkers.
• We work harder and longer than any other competitors; We have the best work ethic and proud of our commitment.
• We are like able and friendly people. We believe that friendliness and comparability are essential prerequisites for both gaining and maintaining business.


• We strives to protect the environment through continual improvement of the environmental performance of its activities, trucks and services.
• Harmonizer nature and our trucks design manufacturing activities by using environmentally friendly materials in our trucks and body type and ensuring our trucks are produced using processes which are not detrimental to the environment, where possible.


The Win Hong Trading Sdn Bhd strives for the provision of quality services and makes every effort to achieve Best Practice principles.

Official Website: www.winhongtrading.com.my


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